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A Passion for Life 2022

Can you imagine churches across the UK and Ireland joining together for a focussed month of mission – a mission that involves thousands of Christians who continue in a life-time of confidently sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those around them?  This is the vision of A Passion for Life 2022, and we would love you, and your church, to join us. 


How to get involved

Easter 2022 may seem a long way away, but if we want to be involved it's time to get the ball rolling. Here are some ways you could start.

Sign up

Sign up via the Passion for Life website to get the latest updates. You'll get news about regular Zoom prayer meetings you can join, held with people from all across the country, where updates are shared and we are asking the Lord to use Passion for Life for the sake of the gospel..

Show the video

Perhaps you could have the video above shown at a church meeting to start to introduce the idea of a Passion for Life?

Ponder and plan

Think about what shape being involved in A Passion for Life might take in your church. There's no one set way, it might involve special evangelistic events or you might decide there are better ways of harnessing the momentum in your local situation. For example, a focus on equipping church members for 121 Bible reading with their non-Christian friends. There will be plenty of resources produced, so watch out for these at the website.

Connect locally

We have formed a small local Passion for Life committee to think about the shape Passion for Life may take here in the South West. There may be some collaborative events between SWGP Partner churches, but whether or not you want to be involved in those, we certainly want to be sharing news and stories about what is happening for encouragement and so we can bounce ideas off each other. Get in touch with Tom ([email protected]) if you would like to chat to the local reps.



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About the author

Tom Underhill is the Development Officer for the South West Gospel Partnership