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It's crucial to our identity and vision that we are not just a loose association, but a true partnership of churches committed to working together on the common basis of the authority of Scripture and the priority of the gospel.

Partnership therefore involves a number of important commitments:

  • to declare agreement with the Basis of Faith, and sympathy with the theological stance and working basis of the Gospel Partnership
  • to give annually to Partnership finances
  • to attend (Ministry Partners) or send a representative to (Church Partners) the quarterly Partnership Meetings


Three kinds of partnership are possible:

Church Partners 

The SWGP is primarily a partnership of churches, who apply to join by decision of the church (either by the leadership, or the whole church where a congregational model is followed) to work together towards the aims of the Partnership.

If you'd like to apply to join as a Church Partner, you can read about the application process below. It may be best to get in touch with us first, before filling in the church partner application form.

Ministry Partners

Where an individual in Christian ministry is part of a church that is not seeking Church Partnership, but wants to support the SWGP and benefit from it, they can apply to join as an individual partner, which involves a commitment to attending Partnership Meetings.

Ministry Partners can apply to join by filling in this form. The rest of the application process is detailed below.

Personal Partners

For an individual wanting to support SWGP, receive news and gain the benefits of Partnership (including discounted rates to some events) but is either not in a paid ministry position and/or doesn't want to commit to the Partnership Meetings. 

Personal Partners can join by filling in the online form and setting up a donation.


Church/Ministry Partner Application Process

When a church or individual has enquired about becoming a Church or Ministry Partner, we contact them to discuss their situation. Once a completed application form (church partner | ministry partner) has been received, the application will be presented at the next quarterly meeting of the Steering Committee. If the Committee approves the application, the prospective Partner will be welcomed and (if a Church Partner) their details placed on the Churches map.

We contact all Partners annually to ensure their contact details are up to date and to ask them to reaffirm their commitment to the Partnership Declaration.


Interested in becoming a Church Partner?

Please get in touch with us and we would be happy to discuss the process further.