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MTC LITE is usually run over a series of three evenings, comprising two sessions: first an in-depth look at one book of the Bible, then a look at a doctrinal or pastoral topic. However, the courses are run entirely in partnership with the hosting church(es), and so can be tailored to suit circumstances.

For example, a course might run over consecutive Monday evenings and start with sessions taking a deep dive into the book of Jonah, followed by sessions on the Holy Spirit (who he is and what he does).

We can provide templates of flyers and posters to advertise the events, and will include MTC Lite courses on our list of events on our website and mailouts. We can also handle booking online and take payments (normally around £5 for the whole course to cover the costs of the host church).

MTC LITE in your area?

If you would be interested in running an MTC LITE course in your local area, please let us know. You can get in touch via our contact form.