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A Round up - our 2019

Partnership Meetings

On 27th November, we were joined by Ray Evans for our final Partnership Meeting of 2019 at Headley Park Church. Ray is a Church Leadership Consultant for the FIEC and pastor of Grace Community Church, Bedford, and via the FIEC lends his expertise to churches seeking to stimulate and manage growing for the sake of the gospel (on which, see his book Ready, Steady, Grow).

Ray spoke to us firstly about Leading a Growing Church (talk mp3), and secondly Collaborating for Church Growth (talk mp3). It was a great reminder that while many in congregations may fear growth because of the change it may bring, we're all one in having friends, neighbours and family we would love to see saved and joining our churches. We benefitted greatly from Ray's wisdom on how to winsomely promote gospel growth amongst our churches.

Our series of meetings for 2020, "Stretch, Feed, Equip > Act"  is now available to view on the website.

Talks from our other 2019 meetings that were recorded are also available:


Men's Convention and Women's Conferences

The first South West Men's Convention (succeeding the Bristol Men's Convention) took place on 12th October at the St Michael's Centre. We had a hugely encouraging time, and look forward to being back there next year with Graham Daniels on 17th October. Pictures and videos of the main talks are available here.

The Bath and Bristol Women's Conferences continue to be a great blessing to many women in our region: for all the details of this year and next year, see their separate websites:



Solid Youthworks held the usual SOLID:Day and SOLID:Night events, and an inaugural lunch for those involved in youth and children's ministry. The information and talks are available from the SOLID page.

Partnership Meetings, Updates

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Tom Underhill is the Development Officer for the South West Gospel Partnership