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ThinkFor50 with Marcus Honeysett

ThinkFor50 is a new series from the South West Gospel Partnership where we get speakers from across the country to join us online to present interesting and punchy thoughts on theological and practical issues. 

On Wed 613th July at 12pm we will be joined by Marcus Honeysett to help us think about Powerful Leaders. Marcus will help us to explore how leaders move along a spectrum of healthy to unhealthy uses of power and position, and offer practical wisdom for countering and preventing harmful leadership. 

For these sessions, the speaker gets 25 mins to speak, followed by 25 mins of questions, so they're designed for you to drop into your lunch time whether you can join us for 25 mins or the full 50.

Marcus is Director of Living Leadership, which provides training and ongoing pastoral nurture for leaders and spouses. His book Powerful Leaders was recently published by IVP.

Join via Zoom:


13 July 2022

12:00 PM - 12:50 PM


Join via Zoom