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Speaking the Gospel into this Cultural Moment

Pete Nicholas is a pastor at Inspire Saint James Clerkenwell church in London and the author of Virtually Human: Flourishing in a Digital World (IVP).  In this Partnership meeting he will be helping us to explore some of the things that the last 18 months have exposed in society and where the current generation of (particularly) young adults are at and are coming from, and how the gospel applies to that.

The format of the morning will be:

10:00 Coffee
10.20 Welcome and short Bible slot
10:35 Pete Nicholas, 'Speaking the gospel into this cultural moment'
11:15 Questions
11:30 Coffee
11:45 Interview with Pete on the London Project
12:25 Questions and Partnership business
12:40 Lunch

This meeting is being hosted by Emmanuel City Centre, Bristol.


NB. Felix Aremo is no longer able to join us for this meeting, hence the change of title and speaker. The time, date and location remain the same.


29 September 2021

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Emmanuel City Centre, Bristol