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Partnership Meeting Sept 2022

Telling a better story about human sexuality with Matthew Mason
Wednesday 28th September, Bath

For our September meeting, Matthew Mason will be joining us to address the issue of how we present the Christian teaching on human sexuality in a manner that connects winsomely with a culture deeply hostile to it.

Matthew was pastor of an AMIE church in Salisbury from 2014-18 and is currently completing a PhD at the University of Aberdeen on how the theology of prayer helps us understand what it means to be truly human. He has published book chapters on ‘A Theological and Pastoral Response to Gender Dysphoria’ in Cultural Engagement: A Crash Course in Contemporary Issues (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2019), and ‘The Wounded it Heals: Gender Dysphoria and the Resurrection of the Body’ in Beauty, Order, and Mystery: A Christian Vision of Human Sexuality (Downers Grove: IVP Academic 2017). He is tutor in Christian Ethics at the Pastors' Academy.




28 September 2022

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM


St Barts Bath